2 Job Openings At KOAT

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT:  KOAT-TV has an opening for a Production Assistant. We are looking for an energetic team player who understands the flexible schedule that the broadcast industry requires to join our production crew. This person will be responsible for operating cameras, teleprompter, audio-board, graphics and video equipment; as related to live broadcasts and post-production.  Must have good technical skills, and good communication skills. Responsibilities include floor directing, camera/studio operator, digital editing, assisting the news department, and other duties as assigned.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Construction, maintenance, installation and operation of props, cameras, prompters, sets and other production equipment.
  • Maintain professional appearance of studio/sets.
  • Lighting and script preparation for newscasts.
  • Edit syndicated promos for air.
  • Video cueing during newscasts.
  • Assist the directors as needed.

Qualifications Requirements:

  • Must have a good attitude, be willing to learn, and be a team player.
  • Must be able to problem solve quickly and work well under pressure and tight deadlines.
  • Attention to detail a must.

Full description and how to apply: Production Assistant

NEWS EDITOR: KOAT-TV has an opening for a highly motivated and creative News Editor to work in a very competitive news market. This position will cover news stories as assigned.  Our ideal candidate has an excellent eye for visual compelling storytelling and is passionate about combining strong writing and storytelling with great pictures and sound.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Edit stories, videos, and newscasts on tight deadlines.
  • Maintain news archives.
  • Operate electronic newsgathering equipment.
  • Nonlinear editing (using Adobe Premiere) of newscast elements including PKGs, VOs, VOSOTs, opens, teases and preproduction material.
  • Effectively collaborates with producers, reporters and managers to produce high quality stories.
  • Ensuring proper storage and organization of media files.
  • Maintaining standards for all edited material.
  • Taking in ENG and SNG feeds.
  • Any other editing duties as assigned by news managers.

Required Skills

  • Ability to work on linear and non- linear equipment.
  • Proficiency editing with Adobe Premiere.
  • Ability to edit on non- linear equipment, including Final Cut Pro, Avid and Edius.
  • Must be able to handle and juggle multiple editing assignments under strict deadlines.
  • Knowledge of current television production techniques.
  • Familiarity with mass communications law and media responsibilities.
  • Communicate effectively with photographers and producers.
  • Must be able to record multiple feeds on a digital encoding system.
  • Able to search for source materials from multiple outlets and platforms.
  • Able to work in a fast paced, detail-oriented environment with calm, skilled execution.
  • Possess a valid drivers’ license and good driving record.

Full description and how to apply: News Editor

Bill Could Obstruct Public’s View Of Law Enforcement

SB 149: Score=3

Sponsor: Sen. Jacob Candelaria (D-Bernalillo)

Problems: This bill would expand what the government can withhold from the public under the law enforcement exception to the Inspection of Public Records Act — perhaps the most broadly abused, most frequently misinterpreted exception in the state sunshine law. Its well-meaning intent — to protect witnesses to and victims of certain crimes — notwithstanding, the bill would further limit the public’s ability to see how law enforcement officers do their jobs and hold them accountable when they go too far.

Unique to this bill: As originally conceived, SB 149 had the potential to keep entire law enforcement records, long understood to be public, from disclosure in cases involving a broad range of commonly committed crimes. It also could have allowed the government to shield law enforcement officers who were “witnesses” to certain crimes from public scrutiny. Finally, the bill is in some ways redundant, both in law and in practice: Many law enforcement agencies already redact crime victims’ names from police reports under the existing law enforcement exception, and lawmakers would be hard-pressed to find a news organization that reports the names of, for example, rape victims. Some of the bill’s most egregious portions have been rolled back through the committee process. The Rio Grande Chapter appreciates that Sen. Candelaria listened to the concerns of transparency advocates and amended the bill. However, the chapter believes there should be more transparency on the activities of law enforcement, not less. This bill does not serve the public or the people it purports to protect, but it could have been worse.

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