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IPRA Friday in Taos

IPRA Friday is coming to Taos on Friday, September 8. Join other journalists to talk about public records and access.

When: 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Where: The Gorge Bar and Grill

The SPJ Rio Grande chapter is working to ensure you have the tools you need to do great journalism. We also have a fund available to help pay for public records requests. Read more about how to apply here

SPJ and UNM Journalism Dept. Salute War Correspondent Ernie Pyle

Beloved WWII battlefield reporter Ernie Pyle will be honored in a free public event Thursday, August 3rd, at the New Mexico Veterans’ Memorial Park in Albuquerque.

The Society of Professional Journalists Rio Grande Chapter, in collaboration with the University of New Mexico Communication and Journalism Department, are issuing the following proclamation to recognize August 3rd as National Ernie Pyle Day.


WHEREAS, the Society of Professional Journalists plays an integral part in improving and protecting journalism in the United States; and

WHEREAS, the University of New Mexico Communication & Journalism Department is integral in educating future journalists; and

WHEREAS, celebrated World War II news correspondent Ernie Pyle lived among the troops fighting on the front lines overseas, serving as one of the best-known war correspondents of his time, sharing the troops’ stories with Americans back home; and

WHEREAS, Pyle’s “everyman” approach to covering the war made him a trusted journalist and earned him the Pulitzer Prize; and

WHEREAS, Pyle, who grew up in Indiana, worked in Washington, D.C. and around the world, and planned to retire to his home in Albuquerque; and

WHEREAS, Albuquerque now remembers Pyle’s legacy through the public library at 900 Girard SE, which was Pyle’s home, and the Ernie Pyle Middle School in the South Valley, and the Ernie Pyle Legacy Foundation, formed four years ago; and

WHEREAS, on August 3, 2017, our community comes together to celebrate the legacy and achievements of Ernie Pyle, 117 years after the day of his birth;

Now, therefore, we the Society of Professional Journalists Rio Grande Chapter in collaboration with the University of New Mexico Communication and Journalism Department, do hereby recognize Ernie Pyle for his contributions to the field of journalism, and we ask all citizens to join us in observing Ernie Pyle Day annually, on the 3rd day of August, from this day on.


The Ernie Pyle Day event begins at 9:30 a.m. and will include remarks from Pyle’s remaining family members, a keynote address by author Joseph Galloway, and a performance by Ernie Pyle impersonator Baldwin Burr. The ceremony is followed by a free lunch. The public is welcome to attend. The Veterans’ Memorial Park is located at 1100 Louisiana Blvd. SE in Albuquerque.


Journalists gather for SPJ/ACLU border-rights training

By: Heath Haussamen, SPJ Rio Grande board member

Journalists from as far away as Albuquerque and El Paso attended Saturday’s training in Las Cruces to learn about their rights when encountering federal immigration enforcement agents.

In all, 23 people from the region attended the training, which was sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists’ Rio Grande Chapter and ACLU. If you missed it, here are a couple of posts that delve into the nuances of your rights when encountering immigration authorities:

ACLU: Can Border Agents Search Your Electronic Devices? It’s Complicated.

ProPublica: Can Customs and Border Officials Search Your Phone? These Are Your Rights

In addition, here’s a great resource on protecting your digital information:

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Digital Privacy at the U.S Border: A New How-To Guide from EFF

Thanks to the ACLU for conducting the training and Sonoma Springs Covenant Church in Las Cruces for hosting it! We believe the journalists who were able to participate are better equipped to understand their rights when they encounter federal immigration authorities – and that will help them be more comfortable covering important border and immigration issues, which is the goal.