Excellence In Journalism Conference

By: Anthony Herrera, SPJ member

Being a quiet individual is hard when immersing yourself into a conference like the Excellence In Journalism, but at the end you will be filled with pride knowing that you stepped outside of your comfort zone in order to get answers to questions that have been eating away at your soul. I attended EIJ seeking answers to questions about my future and the future of media and at the end I felt at ease on both subjects. The future of media, according to different discussions presented at the conference, can be seen through two lenses, the need for more interaction between journalists and the people in the community and the need to be its own watchdog to ensure truthfulness and strong ethics. The communal aspect that SPJ encouraged calls for allowingmore information about the journalist to be provided to the audience, to put a face to the words in a sense. This would be fascinating to see play out, especially in New Mexico.

SPJ Rio Grande Offers Scholarships To IRE CAR Bootcamp

In a continued effort to improve the state of journalism in New Mexico and West Texas—and to serve our members—the Rio Grande Chapter of SPJ is offering scholarships for two journalists to attend the IRE CAR bootcamp in Columbia, Missouri on August 6-10, 2017. We will reimburse successful applicants for airfare/travel, meals, five nights of lodging, and the CAR bootcamp fee, up to $2,500, once the training has been completed.  

To apply for the scholarship, you must be an SPJ member. To join online, visit: https://www.spj.org/join.asp

To read more about the bootcamp, visit: http://ire.org/events-and-training/boot-camps/car/

In fewer than 600 words, let us know:
-Who you are and where you work (or where your work is published) and how attending the bootcamp will improve your reporting
-How you’ll give back to your community of journalists and in New Mexico and West Texas and share what you’ve learned
-Your SPJ member number
Please also provide a letter of support from your editor or news director. Or, if you’re a freelancer, a letter of support from an editor who works with you often and knows you well.

Border Rights Training For Journalists – Sign Up Now!

Can U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents really seize and go through your phones and other devices at an international border crossing? What about at the U.S. Border Patrol inland checkpoints along roads in southern New Mexico and west Texas? Or at other locations within the 100-mile zone along the U.S./Mexico border where you might encounter agents while doing your job? What are your rights to photograph and/or record CBP and Border Patrol operations? Recent changes in Washington mean journalists should learn about these issues and how to protect themselves and their sources.