Meet your new SPJ Rio Grande Board

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The election for the SPJ Rio Grande Chapter 2019 Board of Directors is complete. Thanks to those who voted! Here are the official results:

Incoming SPJ Rio Grande Chapter Board President Karen Coates

Karen Coates: 21 votes
None: 1 vote

Vice president for development
Marie C. Baca: 22 votes
None: 0 votes

Vice president for development
John R. Roby: 20 votes
None: 2 votes

Jessica Onsurez: 21 votes
None: 1 vote

Michael Marcotte: 22 votes
None: 0 votes

At-large candidates (five Board seats open)
Algernon D’Ammassa: 20 votes
Monica Braine: 19 votes
Geoff Grammer: 19 votes
Heath Haussamen: 19 votes
Ryan Lowery: 19 votes

Congratulations to these 10 journalists who will be part of our 2019 Board of Directors! Our bylaws allow for up to 11 members on our board, so there will be one vacancy when this board takes over on Jan. 1. At its first meeting of the year, the board will discuss the possibility of appointing someone to fill the final at-large position on our board.

Thanks so much for being part of the SPJ Rio Grande Chapter!

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