NM SPJ Announces Mentorship Program

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Chapters_SavingTheDay-smNew Mexico is a pretty great place to be a journalist. There’s no shortage of stories. And the community of journalists here is an open one, full of helpful folks willing to share advice or a tip.

Now, SPJ wants to help reporters connect in new ways, too. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new mentorship program.

Whether you’re a student or new journalist on the job or an old time print journalist looking to hone your digital skills, there are plenty of reasons to submit an application to become a mentee. And for those who have skills or experience to share, please consider signing up to become a mentor.

Signing up for the program won’t be a big time commitment, but it will be a great way to help build the community of journalists throughout the state. Pairs will be matched for one year. Mentees will be expected to take the lead in asking for advice or help. Mentors should check in, via phone or email, with their mentees quarterly.

Email laura.paskus@gmail.com for an application.

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