SPJ Rio Grande Offers Scholarships To IRE CAR Bootcamp

In a continued effort to improve the state of journalism in New Mexico and West Texas—and to serve our members—the Rio Grande Chapter of SPJ is offering scholarships for two journalists to attend the IRE CAR bootcamp in Columbia, Missouri on August 6-10, 2017.

We will reimburse successful applicants for airfare/travel, meals, five nights of lodging, and the CAR bootcamp fee, up to $2,500, once the training has been completed.  

To apply for the scholarship, you must be an SPJ member. To join online, visit: https://www.spj.org/join.asp

To read more about the bootcamp, visit: http://ire.org/events-and-training/boot-camps/car/

In fewer than 600 words, let us know:

-Who you are and where you work (or where your work is published) and how attending the bootcamp will improve your reporting

-How you’ll give back to your community of journalists and in New Mexico and West Texas and share what you’ve learned

-Your SPJ member number

Please also provide a letter of support from your editor or news director. Or, if you’re a freelancer, a letter of support from an editor who works with you often and knows you well.

Send your letter to laura.paskus@gmail.com, cjproctor74@gmail.com, and heath@haussamen.com by May 20.

We’ll announce the two winners by June 1.

A few notes:

– Your SPJ membership must be current as of May 20, 2017. This scholarship opportunity is for members only. If you need to renew, you can do so online: http://www.spj.org/join.asp

-Rio Grande Chapter board members are not eligible to apply

-This scholarship is made possible through funding from the Thornburg Foundation.\

Statement for Rio Grande Chapter, Society of Professional Journalists

Re: APD public criticism of local news media

The Albuquerque Police Department public information office, which is resorting to more direct social media feeds and bypassing journalists in the process, this week called KOB TV “irresponsible” for obtaining video of a police crash and sharing the footage.

The local chapter of SPJ takes exception to this specific criticism and this general trend in which APD has made critical statements against the media.

KOB obtained the video legitimately and had every right to use it. The police department has a lot of gall to ask for what amounts to a favor from the media after consistently showing so much disrespect for our critical role in society and for the people we’re working to inform and educate. The video showed a crash involving a public employee that led to serious injuries. Broadcasting such a video is in the public interest.

The Albuquerque Police Department’s record on transparency would be laughable if it didn’t have such a serious impact on the people it purports to serve. The department frequently withholds recordings made by its own officers as it sees fit, releasing video and other public records only if they serve the interests of APD and its administrators. Public records requests are routinely delayed for months, or worse, simply ignored. This is against the law. That APD would have the temerity to demand that a news organization release video not yet obtained by the department despite its considerable resources is an insult.

The APD is free to tweet and post whatever they like, but resorting to social media and bypassing journalists is a practice our chapter opposes because it cuts out the role of journalists — who are stand ins for the public — to ask questions of powerful officials about policies, news, etc. That’s propaganda, not transparency.

Albuquerque Journal:  Facebook is APD’s megaphone

KOB Seeks Account Executive

KOB-TV has a unique opportunity for a sales and marketing Account Executive.  Candidates must exhibit a strong sales and marketing skill set.

  • Minimum two years’ experience in sales, advertising, or media experience preferred.
  • Knowledge of the local marketplace and ability to learn broadcasting terminology and methodology.
  • Ability to understand the features and benefits of advertising and competitive media.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office for Windows.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.  Experience developing presentations for the purpose of direct-business selling and ability to effectively present and communicate the presentation.  Ability to respond to questions appropriately and think on feet.
  • Ability to establish and maintain customer relationships; communicate effectively with a wide range of personalities in a professional and courteous manner.
  • High level of initiative and ability to work independently required.
  • Must have reliable transportation, a valid driver’s license, clean driving record. Driving record will be checked.
  • Demonstrates effective negotiation and closing techniques.
  • Strong analysis and judgment skills.
  • This is a full-time commission position.

Apply: http://www.kob.com/jobs

Job# 11-17
Albuquerque, NM
No Telephone Calls Please