NM a Rising Star in ‘Top of the Rockies’

By David L. Brown, VP-Communications

John Ensslin, Region 9 director for SPJ, has announced the total entries in the Top of the Rockies competition has exceeded 500. New Mexico SPJ members accounted for 11 percent of the entries, or about 55.

That’s quite an achievement for a chapter that’s just emerging from a long sleep that could make Rip Van Winkle look like an early riser.

All participants are to be congratulated — and the best part is that because of these entries our chapter will receive some much-needed cash. After expenses are deducted, the revenues from the TOTR competition will be shared among the region’s chapters on a pro-rata basis, which means 11 percent will be coming our way.

According to John’s latest report, there were 508 entries from the four-state area. Colorado, where the competition was launched last year, still held the top place with 60 percent of entries. Utah and Wyoming contributed 26 and 3 percent respectively.

The entries are being shipped this week to impartial judges at SPJ chapters in other parts of the country. John says his goal is to announce the results by March 15, in time for winners to plan whether to attend the awards ceremony in person. That event is set for April 10 at the conclusion of the Regional Conference in Denver. Look for a special report here on that upcoming event, which should be worth considering whether or not you’re in line for an award.

Kolb Launches ‘ABQ Sports’ Magazine

ABQ Sports, a new magazine devoted to all things sports, has been successfully launched by Joe Kolb, SPJ New Mexico chapter member and our former chapter president.  Joe is also the publisher of the Gallup Herald. The 8 ½ by 11” glossy is free and copies of ABQ Sports (www.abqsportsmag.com) can be found at stands throughout the greater Albuquerque region.

SPJ Offers True Value for Freelancers

By David L. Brown, VP-Communications

One of the really great values from your membership in SPJ, especially in these tough times, is National’s Freelancer Directory. It’s free to members, accessible to all, and as I can testify it can actually pay off.

If you are a freelance, or even think you might be interested in taking the occasional assignment on the side, you need to register on the Freelancer Directory. It’s quick and easy. Just go to this link, sign in, and you’ll be presented with an interactive form on which you can enter information about who you are, what you do, and how you can be reached. Potential clients can search by state, specialty, state-plus-specialty, or city.

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