Good News Keeps On Coming

By Joe Kolb, Interim Chairma

Good news keeps flowing our way.

We learned from Staci Matlock last week that the Santa Fe New Mexican has offered to donate $500 to our burgeoning chapter. Combine this with the $250 from The Gallup Herald and ABQ Sports magazine, it appears our web-based annual sponsorships are beginning to pay off. Not too shabby for a brand new chapter to raise $1,000 before we even have a bank account. Staci and I are working on finding someone to serve as interim, hopefully, permanent treasurer so we can open the bank account. Any takers? All of the money at this point has been pledged. I don’t want to lose the momentum all of our hard work has garnered so far. Please continue to pursue such sponsorships with your publications. Remember, it is only $250 per year to have an ad and link on our chapter’s website.

Just think how cool it would be if we could sponsor the regional and national SPJ meetings in the near future. I know, I said “cool”. I’m very excited, as I know all of you must be at our progress. Additionally, the conference on covering crime in Native America that we will co-sponsor with John Jay College of Criminal Justice’s Center on Media, Crime and Justice appears to be a go for Albuquerque in the late spring or early summer. Stay tuned. This will be another opportunity to promote our chapter while aligning us with such an esteemed institution.

Chapter Needs a Treasurer

TO: All SPJ, NM Chapter members

Hope all is well. Things are moving quite quickly. Do we have any volunteers for interim treasurer? I would like to start our chapter bank account ASAP so we can generate income and not lose interested sponsors. I would prefer to open the account at a Wells Fargo since they are all over the place and will make it easier for future treasurers. In addition to the Gallup Herald, the Santa Fe New Mexican, and ABQ Sports Magazine are interested in website sponsorships. This is extremely exciting and vital. The treasurer will be the primary and I will be the secondary signer until the permanent board is sworn in. Please continue to push the $250 annual opportunity with your publications. Thank you. Please let me know.

Joe Kolb, Interim Chairman