Interim ByLaws Posted

By David L. Brown

Dennis Roberts, ByLaws chair, has provided the version of the chapter’s ByLaws as approved at the Saturday meeting of the Interim Board. The present form of the ByLaws is now posted here on this site.

The ByLaws will be subject to change as time goes on and as needs require. A vote of the entire New Mexico Membership will take place concurrently with the election of the 2010 officers and board members. Details will be announced soon.

Interim Board Holds Second Meeting

By David L. Brown

The interim board of the New Mexico Chapter held its second regular meeting today, led by Joe Kolb, chairman. In attendance via a telephone conference call were Pilar Armstrong, David L. Brown, Bill Diven, Christina Durano, Betsy Model and Dennis Roberts. Also on deck for the meeting was Regional Director John Ensslin.

A number of key issues were discussed, including a review of the proposed bylaws. The board voted to approve the draft bylaws submitted by Dennis Roberts on an interim basis. With any additions or modifications, the bylaws will be placed before the entire chapter membership for a vote concurrently with the planned election of permanent board members for the upcoming year. For your reference, the draft bylaws are posted here.

John Ensslin described the planned meeting of the National Board to take place in Albuquerque on January 15-17. Ideas were discussed for a social event to allow New Mexico members to meet the national officers. It was suggested that the chapter’s new officers could be sworn in with the National board members and staff in attendance. The New Mexico board also may also take advantage of this opportunity to hold its first face-to-face meeting.

The board voted to place a one-year moratorium on charging chapter dues, and discussed a number of possible fund-raising opportunities. Among these are sponsorship of nationally-promoted events for journalists; advertising on this web site; participation in the “Top of the Rockies” contest held by the Colorado Chapter; and possible grants from National. More details will be reported as they become available.

The board also voted to name Deborah C. Hurley of Evergreen, CO to act as an objective coordinator of the upcoming election of officers and board members. Ms. Hurley recently co-chaired thisĀ  process for the Colorado chapter and has volunteered to serve this function for the New Mexico chapter at no charge.

Pilar Armstrong and Bill Diven attended by speaker phone together with me at my house and we adjourned for lunch following the meeting, which lasted about 90 minutes. Both Pilar and Bill, who are Sunshine co-chairs, have agreed to work with me as members of the Communications Committee.

Official minutes of the meeting will be posted later by Secretary Christina Durano.

Freelance Opportunity

By Joe Kolb, Interim Chairman

Freelance writers and photographers are needed for a new sports magazine for the Albuquerque metro area. Competitive rates and flexible assignments. Great ground floor opportunity. ABQSports is a new magazine slated for launch in November. We are looking for a diverse coverage of the Albuquerque sport scene. This will include professional, college, elite, prep, and youth sports, in addition to a sports health column. Story themes will be analysis, profiles, and previews. Copy must be crisp and appealing. Photos should tell a story. Send letter of interest and samples to