Border Rights Training For Journalists – Sign Up Now!

Can U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents really seize and go through your phones and other devices at an international border crossing? What about at the U.S. Border Patrol inland checkpoints along roads in southern New Mexico and west Texas? Or at other locations within the 100-mile zone along the U.S./Mexico border where you might encounter agents while doing your job? What are your rights to photograph and/or record CBP and Border Patrol operations? Recent changes in Washington mean journalists should learn about these issues and how to protect themselves and their sources.

Immigration panel big success

Your SPJ-Rio Grande Chapter held an excellent panel discussion at the UNM campus about the terminology journalists use to describe immigrants. Board member Gwyneth Doland moderated the panel. KNME videotaped the event.

Dissecting immigration terminology

Illegal is illegal…or is it? Come join a discussion regarding the way the media describes undocumented immigrants and the impact that has on immigration, one of our country’s hot-button issues. Should journalists continue to use the phrase ‘illegal alien’ in their stories? Last month, the national Society of Professional Journalists adopted a resolution urging newsrooms to avoid certain language on immigration. How might those suggestions work or backfire in our region?